Cloud and Virtualization

At TECHACCESS Global,our Cloud and Virtualization services empower businesses to harness modern IT infrastructure for enhanced agility, efficiency, and security. We offer comprehensive solutions, including cloud infrastructure setup and management for scalable operations, secure cloud storage and backup to ensure data integrity and availability, and hybrid cloud solutions that blend private and public environments for optimal performance. Additionally, our virtualization technologies include server virtualization to maximize resource utilization, desktop virtualization for secure remote access, and application virtualization to run applications across diverse platforms seamlessly.


  • Cloud Services
  • Virtualization Technologies


  • Cloud Infrastructure Setup and Management
  • Enhanced Security and Compliance

Cloud Services

Techaccess Global's Cloud Services are designed to provide scalable, flexible, and secure IT solutions. We specialize in Cloud Infrastructure Setup and Management, deploying and managing robust cloud infrastructures tailored to meet unique business needs, ensuring optimal performance and cost-efficiency. Our Cloud Storage and Backup Solutions offer secure cloud-based storage and backup, guaranteeing data integrity and availability across multiple platforms. Furthermore, our Hybrid Cloud Solutions integrate private and public cloud environments, maximizing the benefits of both to optimize resource allocation, performance, and security.

Cloud Infrastructure Setup and Management

Deployment and management of cloud infrastructure, offering scalability and flexibility to business operations.

Cloud Storage and Backup Solutions

Secure cloud-based storage and backup solutions that ensure data integrity and availability across multiple platforms.

Hybrid Cloud Solutions

Integrated services that combine private and public cloud solutions, optimizing the benefits of both environments.

Virtualization Technologies

Our Virtualization Technologies provide businesses with advanced solutions to optimize their IT infrastructure. We offer Server Virtualization, which allows multiple server instances to operate on a single physical server, maximizing resource utilization and reducing operational costs. Desktop Virtualization centralizes desktop management, providing secure and efficient remote access to desktop environments, thereby enhancing productivity and data security. Additionally, Application Virtualization enables applications to run independently of the native operating system, facilitating seamless deployment across various platforms and reducing compatibility issue

Server Virtualization

Technologies that allow multiple server instances to run on a single physical server, enhancing resource utilization and reducing costs.

Desktop Virtualization

Solutions that centralize desktop management, allowing secure and efficient remote access to desktop environments.

Application Virtualization

Technologies that enable applications to run in environments that do not require the application's native operating system.

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