At TECHACCESS Global, offers state-of-the-art educational software solutions designed to enhance the learning experience and operational efficiency of educational institutions. Our comprehensive Learning Management Systems (LMS) support the creation, management, and delivery of educational content, catering to K-12 schools, universities, and corporate training programs. We provide virtual classroom technologies that enable interactive, real-time learning through video conferencing and collaborative tools. Our solutions include robust assessment tools and analytics to track student progress and provide actionable insights. Additionally, our mobile-friendly platforms ensure flexible access to learning materials from any device, promoting a seamless and effective educational experience for students and educators alike.


  • Educational Software
  • Training Simulators


  • Scalable LMS Platforms
  • Virtual Classroom Technologies
  • High-Fidelity Simulation Technology
  • Customizable Training Modules

Educational Software

Offers learning management systems (LMS) and virtual classroom technologies to educational institutions.

Learning Management Systems (LMS)

We provide comprehensive LMS platforms that support the creation, management, and delivery of educational content. These systems are designed to be user-friendly and scalable, accommodating the needs of K-12 schools, universities, and corporate training programs.

Virtual Classroom Technologies

Our virtual classroom solutions enable interactive, real-time learning experiences. These technologies support video conferencing, collaborative tools, and digital whiteboards, facilitating remote education and blended learning models.

Content Management and Delivery

We offer tools for the effective organization and distribution of educational materials, ensuring students and educators have easy access to resources.

Training Simulators

Provides simulation technology for educational purposes, enhancing practical learning and training experiences.

Simulation Technology

We develop high-fidelity simulators that replicate real-world environments and scenarios, offering immersive and hands-on learning experiences. These simulators are ideal for medical training, aviation, engineering, and other technical disciplines.

Customizable Training Modules

Our simulators come with customizable modules that can be tailored to the specific training needs of different institutions and industries.

Interactive Learning

Our simulation technology supports interactive and experiential learning, allowing users to practice skills and apply theoretical knowledge in a safe, controlled environment.

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